Written by Jared Gettinger Monday, 02 June 2014


Here's a custom project we completed for Terrain, one of our favorite stores and an amazing source for all things home, garden and outdoor living. They were so incredibly fun to work with; really creative, trusting and open to the exchange of ideas. I love a collab like that. We'd never worked with this type of material vessel before, but that made it even more fun, and they turned out awesome. Each double wick candle is hand poured as usual, has a 120hr burn time, and is topped with a beautiful letterpress accent cover. It's all about the details people! Oh, and they also smell amazing! Available in Lavender or Tomato Vine. This project is a Terrain exclusive, so you'll only find it on their website or in one of their awesome stores- which if you haven't been to yet, get off your computer and go there now. Seriously... and pick up one of these candles while you're at it ;)


Written by Jared Gettinger Monday, 07 April 2014


It's official, we've released of a brand new version of our popular Inspired by Nature collection. In addition to our signature white tube option and travel tins, we're excited to introduce an 8oz/60hr twist-top glass jar option. Same popular fragrances in a new sleek, simple package. Hooray!

Inspired By Nature Twist Top Candles


Written by Jared Gettinger Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Lately we've been doing more collaborations and private-label projects than usual, and it's been pretty awesome, so I figured I'd share a bit. Whether we end up putting our name on the final product or not, it's always an incredibly rewarding process. Most of the time it's also quite fun. There's something very special about getting the creative juices flowing and experiencing a collaborative effort to make something come together, usually from nothing. People have such amazingly unique ideas- it surprises and inspires us. It gets us excited to make them a reality. It's also been fun to leave our comfort zone on a few of them. It forces us to toss aside our bag of tricks and create new ones, which keeps us sharp and our ideas fresh. We've got one project in the works right now that's unlike anything we've done before, and i can't wait to share it on the blog when it's complete. If you have an idea for a custom project you'd like to discuss, please contact us, we'd love to hear about it!


Written by Jared Gettinger Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Really thrilled to announce the release of the new 3.6 oz travel size versions of our Boheme, Inspired by Nature and Transcentdence candle collections. These popular candles and fragrances pack the same amount of awesome into a smaller, more pocket friendly package. See what I did there? I used a pun to explain how they're both portable and affordable. See what I did there? I explained a pun that you probably understood without issue the first time around. I'm sorry for underestimating you. Oh, and just because they're called travel candles doesn't mean you actually have to travel to enjoy them. Oops, I did it again.



Written by Jared Gettinger Monday, 13 January 2014



Just got back from another successful and very enjoyable Atlanta market. It's such a pleasure to connect and reconnect with so many great people. We sold a bunch of candles, which is super awesome, and also got the chance to spend time with some talented, interesting, and downright hilarious people. A big part of the trade show experience, at least for me, is telling my story, hearing the stories of others, learning, teaching, sharing and working to build lasting, meaningful relationships. With that kind of perspective (and some really comfortable shoes), it's hard not to have a great show. Two of my favorite new friends are fellow exhibitors Carly of Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress, and Joellyn of Improper Greetings. Exceptional people with exceptional talent. We share some of the same wonderful regional reps and i couldn't be in better company. I also really enjoyed talking to our new stockists about their unique stores, towns and customers. I always tell them- when I'm in the area I'll stop by, and i mean it. Below are just a few pics from the show. Looking forward to the next one, which just so happens to be in our home town, so see you at NY NOW!


Written by Jared Gettinger Tuesday, 07 January 2014


Well the holidays are over, and now we're busy helping our retailers restock. It's been a non-stop ride, and an exceptional past few months; our busiest and best season thus far- and I couldn't be more grateful. I also couldn't be more exhausted, and that's perfectly fine with me. I think everyone has to strike their own balance of time. Both work and play are important, and certain people need more of one than the other. I'm a worker. I need something to do, something to work on, something to work for. I enjoy the chase. As for play, or time off, i don't need much because I don't waste much. I'll pick up the guitar instead of the remote. I'll read a how-to instead of a who's who. That's really the only option when you want to be a worker and still nurture your passions in the rare, but beautiful moments off. That said, if sitting and doing literally nothing makes you happy, then do it. If it works for you, then good for you. In the end, there ain't no foolin' time. We all get the same number of hours in a day, and we all get to choose how we spend them. (thank you for reading, now stop and go enjoy yourself...or get back to work slacker!)


Written by Jared Gettinger Monday, 06 January 2014


I'm so proud of our new DUO candle collection. It's a collaboration between us and Francis & Fern, the local Brooklyn based ceramic studio of Jana Flynn. The entire experience has been so positive and rewarding. It's also just been downright fun. The creative process is a special one, especially when you get to share it with someone as passionate and talented as Jana. I'm also glad people seem to really like it :). The look and fragrances are a fantastic departure from our usual collections. I definitely plan to do more projects like this in the future. For more info on our DUO candle collection click here.

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